shoots and leaves

I’m getting used to the silly camera function of my tablet. In a couple of days, John and I are going to Europe for five weeks and although John will be taking his camera, I don’t see any way of uploading photographs from it to the tablet (which I’ll be using for email and adding posts to this blog). So I’m learning that my hands are not very steady and the images I’ve taken so far have been very blurry. But I can’t resist posting this one — a big colander filled with just-cut shoots and leaves of kale for tonight’s pasta. Last week the kale was pretty much picked clean. But the past few days have been so warm and mild that it’s sprouting away. The greens so dark, the purples so vivid! I’ll add it to the pasta pot for the last five minutes and then stir in some of my frozen stash of summer pesto, hoarded for occasions like this — one of the last dinners at home for some time. We’ll eat shoots and leaves. We’ll shoot the leaves. How would you punctuate it?