postcard from Lviv

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Walking past the courtyard of the 14th c. Armenian Cathedral in Lviv, I had no idea of the beauty of the church’s interior, painted in an Art Nouveau style by Jan Henryk de Rosen when it was restored in the 1920s. I loved the poppies, the banner of blue flowers…


postcard, the long road down…

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…from the Carpathian Mountains on our way to Lviv, the loveliest of cities.


postcard from the Hutsul wedding

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From the Hutsul wedding

It was while we were at the Hutsul wedding, in the beautiful  Carpathian mountains,  that a phone call came to say that relatives  (until now unknown to me) were on their way from Ivankivtsi to our hotel. I have just said goodnight to them after a couple of hours of much wildly animated communication, none of it in a shared language. Overwhelming and kind of sweetly exciting. Wish, wish, wish.

postcard from the Carpathian mountains

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In the mountains, among such beauty. A rooster is crowing, pears and apples hang ripe on the trees, and everywhere we are greeted with vodka and bread. Wish you were here.


postcard from Chernivtsi

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A spectacular performance by Gerdan, an ensemble specializing in white voice singing–


–followed by dinner among birds:



postcard from Ivankivtsi

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The 250 year old church where my grandfather was christened in 1879.


postcard from the Holodomor Victims Memorial

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Broken millstones in front of the Holodomor museum in Kyiv.