shoots and leaves

I’m getting used to the silly camera function of my tablet. In a couple of days, John and I are going to Europe for five weeks and although John will be taking his camera, I don’t see any way of uploading photographs from it to the tablet (which I’ll be using for email and adding posts to this blog). So I’m learning that my hands are not very steady and the images I’ve taken so far have been very blurry. But I can’t resist posting this one — a big colander filled with just-cut shoots and leaves of kale for tonight’s pasta. Last week the kale was pretty much picked clean. But the past few days have been so warm and mild that it’s sprouting away. The greens so dark, the purples so vivid! I’ll add it to the pasta pot for the last five minutes and then stir in some of my frozen stash of summer pesto, hoarded for occasions like this — one of the last dinners at home for some time. We’ll eat shoots and leaves. We’ll shoot the leaves. How would you punctuate it?



~ by theresakishkan on February 16, 2015.

7 Responses to “shoots and leaves”

  1. “So warm”…! You west coast people do not understand SUFFERING.
    Bon voyage, Theresa. I look forward to reading about your travels.

    • I know how cold it is in the east, Beth — my son and daughter-in-law in Ottawa sent photographs of their house over the weekend, almost buried in snow! It’s lovely here right now but apparently we’ve already had our usual amount of rain for February and it’s only the 17th. How quickly we forget the rain when the sun is out…

  2. Sounds like a good dinner! I hope you have a wonderful trip — can’t wait to follow along on the blog.

  3. Have a wonderful trip! I look forward to your postings. As for a method of uploading camera photos to your tablet (an iPad?), you might look into this: (though I have not tried it myself…)

    • Thanks, Michael. No, the tablet isn’t an iPad but a Samsung, bought for reading (to save space in my small suitcase; I’m a 3 book a week person…) but with the added bonus of its other functions too. (I’ll be doing some editing of forthcoming novella on that tiny tiny screen!) And of course to have Skype dates with my children and my grandbaby. There should be a way to transfer photos from other camera to tablet but I won’t have time between now and Thursday to figure it out. So expect terrible photographs!

    • p.s. And now that I’ve looked at the link, I see that it’s a very simple thing. So I may check out the airport on Thursday! Thanks!

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