the lost operas of Mozart

In Vancouver, at the SKWACHÀYS LODGE, for City Opera’s production of “The Lost Operas of Mozart” this evening at Christ Church Cathedral — for us, one draw being Rose-Ellen Nichols, of Pender Harbour. (Rose-Ellen went to school with our kids and has gone on to an impressive career as a mezzo-soprano, starring in Tobin Stokes’s “Pauline”, singing in Purcell’s “Dido and Aeneas”, and delighting audiences at our Pender Harbour Chamber Music Festival, where she’ll be returning next summer!)

And on the drive in from Tsawwassen, there were snow geese in a field. We’ve seen geese a time or two, flying over our place, west of the mountain, and I loved turning my head for a moment in the car to see them grazing on stubble in a shorn field.


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