I don’t know what we do about this

Anyone who knows me or who reads my (irregular) posts will know that if there’s anything I hope will continue on this earth, long after humans have obliterated themselves, it’s fish. I have my favourite runs of salmon, visited annually, and all my life I’ve watched fish, admired them, celebrated them, cried as my father brought in a bass to cook for our breakfast (yet happily ate it all the same) ; fish imagery enters everything I do, from quilts to recipes to writing to dreams. They are at the heart of our pacific culture(s) and they deserve more than our measly efforts to protect their habitat and everything else they depend on — dark skies, clean water, catch restrictions, ample riparian zones. So this article by the admirable Andrew Nikiforuk in this morning’s Tyee (which of course is one of the familiar names for Oncorhyncus  tshawytscha or Chinook salmon) has me wondering at those of my fellow citizens who not only voted in this government but continue to support them beyond all that is reasonable.


2 thoughts on “I don’t know what we do about this”

  1. Theresa, I think we can safely say that the government of Canada is no longer the government of the geographical space that it occupies, but simply an occupier, and not a benevolent one. I don’t know what we do about that either. Write about it, I think.

  2. “Occupier” is right, Harold. And this government is doing so much damage. I’ve never thought science was the whole story — it’s a narrative in many ways and we need what it tells us; but we need every strand of every story — but to see the systematic dismantling of the infrastructures that help us to understand climate change, fish habitat, geological integrity, etc. is finally tragic.

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