last night in Newfoundland

Driving to St. John’s, past the turn-offs for Little Heart’s Ease, St. Jones Within, Dark Hole River, remembering the village near where we slept last night in almost unbelievable beauty, the fog horn sounding, lights from across Trinity Bay soft in the darkness, the village with its memorial pillar a recitation of loss: Drowned, Drowned, Killed in France, Drowned. Driving back and seeing the signs on the edge of the Trans Canada Highway warning of moose, even more than warning, in fact promising flashing lights when moose were on the road (but then also saying that the lights were out of order), deciding to leave the highway to meander over to Witless Bay, over low hills of alder and spruce, walking out for the wonderful pizza at Piatto (there’s one in Halifax and one here), and hearing music in the bars on George Street as we returned to the B&B where we are spending on our last night in Newfoundland.


~ by theresakishkan on October 3, 2013.

One Response to “last night in Newfoundland”

  1. Theresa, you make me want to jump in a plane today. I’ve put Witless Bay on my Must See list. Thank you for taking me there.

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