blow-ins on the Skerwink Trail

Just back from hiking the Skerwink trail, a 5.3 km loop that takes you along the cliffs and through a bog above Dog Cove, the tall sea stacks of Skerwink Rocks, along Sam White`s Cove. Everywhere the scent of spruce and along the trail, crowberry, bunchberry (which two guys we met repairing boardwalks called `crackberry`), tuckamore, blueberries, some twinflower in bloom (it blooms in May in our area…), even a few pink flowers of Kalmia latifolia. The scats of some berry-eating animal — maybe foxes.


Oh, and the smell of the sea, so rich and tangy! This is a wonderful place to stay for a few days and see the changing sky, the bright saltboxes across the fields, and the distant lighthouse, the cliffs, and to hope for whales.

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