Leaving Trepassey this morning in brilliant sunshine, we were undecided about our route. Would we drive to Placentia via the long cape road or across the second long finger of the Avalon Peninsula? The day beckoned and we chose the route which allowed us to take a road down to the ecological reserve at Cape St. Mary’s where the northern gannets have their colony. 11,000 + nesting pairs as well as assorted other sea-birds – common murres, cormorants, black-legged kittiwakes, razorbills, and others.

You walk to Bird Rock Cove, through an open barren, and you hear the birds, and smell them, before you see the gannets. Well, you do see a few gliding off the cliffs and you see the long beauty of their wings – 6 feet when spread.

There were mauve asters and clover and iris seed pods as we passed. And then the tall rocks where the gannets were gathered. The path ended in a tiny area on top of the cliffs just above the birds. Just below me, I could see that Bird Rock itself was white with gannets. It was other-wordly, standing there, trying to fathom how many there were, and to see one among the many. Some preened. Some fought for their space.


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