Cape Spear

Yesterday was beautiful, the sky arched and blue, no sign of the torrential rain. How lovely St. John’s streets in sunlight, the bright houses — purple, teal green, pink, bright blue — tilting down to the harbour. We picked our rental car and drove out to Cape Spear, Canada’s most easterly point of land. Here’s the lighthouse, opened in 1836 —

Cape Spear lighthouse— and here’s what it looks like indoors:

kitchenthe lightkeeper's bed (1)

I’ve never seen wilder water than the breakers surrounding the point and there are signs everywhere warning visitors to stay away from the rocks.

below the lighhouse, Cape Spear

Later we walked up Signal Hill, above St. John’s, and could see Cape Spear in the distance.  (It’s that farthest point.)

view of Cape Spear from Signal Hill

Whales and icebergs pass this way, though all we saw were ships entering the protected harbour and seabirds plunging down to the water for fish.

Today we leave St. John’s to wander the edges of the Avalon peninsula and maybe further afield, if the weather holds and we feel like the drive.


~ by theresakishkan on September 29, 2013.

2 Responses to “Cape Spear”

  1. Lovely to follow your travels, Theresa and John — wonderful pictures, and, as always, such evocative descriptions! Thank you. (Your far-west pal)

  2. We’re on the edge of the Avalon Peninsula tonight, Barbara, in Trepassey. The drive down, through tiny villages (and the fascinating Colony of Avalon at Ferrytown) and across a vast barrens with tiny partridge berries bright against the moss, was so beautiful. How many times can I say that? Oh, for some new original language!

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