Leaving the rue

Most days I see a treefrog — well, I’ve always known them to be Pacific treefrogs but apparently they’ve been reclassified as Pacific chorus frogs. I don’t think this old dog will learn a new trick — among the herbs on the trolley (a restored barbeque cart…) by the kitchen door. When it’s resting on a leaf, it’s bright green. When it’s huddled in the damp soil of the chive pot (a favourite location for some reason), it’s darker. These little creatures can change colour by expanding or contracting the pigment cells of their skins. The changes are related to temperature and humidity rather than to the actual place where the frogs are found. I love to see them. Their faces are so beautiful and if you look closely, you can see their hearts pulsing. Heart rate? Apparently 173 beats per minute…

I took this photograph five minutes ago, as the treefrog was leaving a pot of rue for the cooler bower of honeysuckle leaves just alongside.


Next day: an addendum

Same frog, slightly different location.


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