listening to soul of the tango while contemplating the soul of kale

Look at it, the big bowl of kale I just cut to make into spanakopita for dinner tonight! The green is so deep and rich, wet with the morning’s sprinkling. No wonder the young deer was looking longingly into the garden from beyond the fence before I shooed her into the woods.


Like most people who grow kale, we have mountains of it. It reseeds easily and volunteers in areas where other plants are reluctant to settle. So I let it grow. Why interfer?

And while I fuss with the sheets of filo, I’m listening to Yo Yo Ma play the music of Astor Piazzolla. Our chamber music festival this summer will feature a number of tangos and I’m looking forward to hearing what various combinations of musicians — Jonathan Goldman, bandoneon, Yehonatan Berick, violin; Joyce Lai, violin; Lara St. John, violin, Ian Clarke, viola; and Rachel Mercer, cello –do with them.

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