I woke at 4 this morning and was lying in the near-light, the silence, when quite promptly at 4:20, the dawn chorus began. Not as loud and fulsome as May mornings but still lovely — the Swainson’s Thrushes, the robins, others I can’t distinguish in the complex braid of whistles. They’re almost liquid, like water, those notes falling from the air.

Yesterday it was very hot here and it seemed the mother robin was off her nest more often than on it. John expressed doubt that there was any life inside it, given the heat and the absences. This morning is cooler and when I saw the bird glide away from the nest, through the fringe of wisteria leaves, I quickly brought the camera and this is what it saw. It, not me, because I didn’t want to disturb the nest or the bird for longer than the five seconds it took to hold the camera up over the nest and click.


Just think — in less than two weeks, if we’re lucky, we’ll watch these offspring glide from the nest themselves, out into the wild blue yonder. (I just typed “wonder”. That too.)


~ by theresakishkan on July 3, 2013.

4 Responses to “three”

  1. Kind of like having performance art in your garden, heh? I’ve been kicked out of my potager for the past 6 weeks or so for the same reason. Seems to be a banner year for birds on our property and they’re not shy about defending their territory! They perch in the trees and endlessly chitter like a bunch of old ladies at my sweet, old cat. I can hear their racket from inside the house. Yesterday I looked out my backdoor to see Mamma Turkey and her merry band of 11 babies eating the berries from the red osier dogwood bushes….

  2. Yes! Performance art is right! The robin mum and her mate scold us from the nearby fir trees! I’ve just filled a shallow dish with water so that they don’t have to fly to the birdbath on the other side of the house. Supporting role?

  3. So magical to be surrounded by song and nestlings!

  4. Listening to the dawn chorus, I realize how quiet it is the rest of the year…

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