a Christmas card

This year’s Christmas card from our house to yours:

christmas cardNot an artist, I make a linocut every year and every year I look at it and think how I really ought to learn to use the tools and the materials properly. But the spiral is at least simple and echoes the year’s passage, the stones we saw at Almendres in Portugal last March, the stitching I am finishing up on the “Euclid’s Orchard” quilt, the logarithmic spiral (or Spira mirabilis) evident everywhere in nature, from the flight of hawks, the approach of insects towards light, the arms of galaxies, the patterns of cyclones, and the shells of molluscs. Here’s our message for the coming year, which we send with love, also a form of spiral:


“…the red lengths”


“I’ll use red thread for this quilt, small stitches to draw layer to layer, capillaries to help the blood of our relationship circulate through the images and actual fabric of my thinking. Red thread, long strands carried by the needles I will prepare, three at a time, to allow me to push and pull the red lengths in and out, to meditate between the past and present, to contemplate the future, to secure with tiny knots the end of each fragment of thought.” (from “Euclid’s Orchard”)