“tree frogs are ignoring their ladders”

We’re promised a hot dry summer here on the west coast of British Columbia and I believe it. Almost no rain for the whole month of May, plants three weeks ahead of themselves, the tomato vines laden with blossom. I think of W.G. Sebald’s enigmatic poem, “Barometer Reading”, with its beautiful opening lines:

Nothing can be inferred

from the forecasts

Tree frogs

are ignoring their ladders…

Here’s yesterday’s tree frog, climbing the railings to settle among the honeysuckle:

P1120003And a further prediction of the hot summer to come — an abundance of the northern alligator lizards, basking on rocks, scuttling from woodshed to cool border, and even mating on top of the old kindling pile (it lasted hours!):

more than friends

he comes most mornings

This is our regular morning visitor. His antlers are growing and are covered in soft velvet.He browses on the edges of our grassed areas and is very calm when we go out to shoo him away. Sometimes he refuses to run into the woods but stands, inclining his head in our direction as we tell him how beautiful he is, how we hope for all good things for him, but why not leave our garden alone?

P1100339And just as lovely, this is one of the northern alligator lizards living in the pile of old cedar shakes we kept for kindling after having the roof replaced with blue metal years ago. I love how this lizard is resting its chin on its tail.