“B.C. is burning…”

…said John, just now to Forrest on the phone from Ottawa. We haven’t had rain in more than two months (apart from two brief showers, one in May and one in June) so this coastal rain forest is tinder dry. There’s a fire burning near Sechelt which is 40% contained. People are on evacuation notice. And there are two fires burning at Port Hardy, on the east coast of Vancouver Island. More over in the Pemberton area. Also Kelowna, the Venables Valley north of Spences Bridge, the Kootenays, many more in the Prince George Fire Region, and the Northwest. Not sure about the Cariboo-Chilcotin right now — I know there were some serious ones but I think they might be out.

noon sun

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday I spent hours watering. Today I went out to do only what absolutely needed to be done because the smoke irritates my eyes to the point where I can’t focus. And because the sun is hidden by smoke and cloud, the plants aren’t as stressed as they have been. Me, though? I found myself doing what I do when climate feels unsettled, emotional or actual: I began cutting out a quilt. To feel my hands immersed in fabric is calming somehow and when I get to the stage where I can actually sew (even though my stitches are clumsy and uneven) — well, it’s about the most restorative thing I know.