Two single cloths, indigo dyed, one backed with red flannel, one with red broadcloth: here

waiting blossoms

This morning I was updating a list of quilts I’ve made and reading it, I saw a kind of lyrical obsessiveness. So I thought I’d see if it works as a blog post. I didn’t take photographs of finished quilts until maybe 5 or 6 years ago. There are days (this is one of them) when I want to be reminded I’ve done things. Not dusting or dishes or enough laundry but things that will last.


Quilt Inventory

  1. Corduroy and blue prints, squares, rust backing: Brendan has it.
  2. God’s Eye, green and pink prints: in linen cupboard here.
  3. Pink and green squares with cats and butterflies: Angie
  4. Squares with fishing flies: Brendan
  5. Blue window with three panes along the top: Forrest
  6. Ohio Star, light blue prints, unbleached cotton: here
  7. Zig zags inspired by hot air balloons over Provo: Liz
  8. Red tulips on blue background: here, on rocking chair
  9. Small log cabin in blues and yellows: here, little kids’ room
  10. Nine patch with japanese prints and olive green squares: here, little kids’ room
  11. Batiked fish and red japanese print squares, tied: here


  12. Tulips and flowered print: Penny’s 50th
  13. Table runner, rusts and blues: David and Diane for caring for Spike
  14. Log cabin, blues and yellows: Mum and Dad, 50th anniversary, here (because they died)
  15. Log cabin with saffron sashing: Forrest
  16. Yellow and blue stars: Solveigh, 50th
  17. Pinwheels, Kaffe Fasset fabric: Brendan and Cristen
  18. Stars: Brendan and Cristen
  19. Autobiography of (purple) stars: Angie
  20. Blue and yellow stars: here

    two starry quilts

  21. Yellow stars, red border: here
  22. Fish squares, indigo: Forrest and Manon


  23. Fish panels, indigo: Angelica
  24. Many quilted pillow covers, including an Ohio Star for Edith Iglauer, patchworks for Cristen, silk squares for Angelica, some indigo and linen for here
  25. French patchwork: Forrest and Manon
  26. French patchwork: Angelica (Christmas 2019)
  27. French patchwork: Cristen (birthday 2020)
  28. Blue patches, tied: here
  29. Patchwork: Kelly (Second birthday, 2016)

    kelly's quilt

  30. Single cloth fish and stars: Arthur (third birthday, 2018)

    arthur's quilt

  31. Kite: Henry

    henry's kite

  32. Euclid’s Orchard: Brendan
  33. Dark Path: here (2019)

    dark path

  34. Two single cloths, indigo dyed, one backed with red flannel, one with red broadcloth: here

    blue wings

  35. Log cabin, greens: Anik (2020-21)

    log cabin quilt 2

  36. School bus with clouds: Eddy (2021)


  37. Rivers and vascular system, here (2021-22)

    frozen fog

  38. Structural, Japanese cottons, here (unfinished, 2022)


  39. French patchwork, in progress

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