3 sentences about breakfast



Fresh roses, some  honeysuckle, a cup of very strong coffee, and a croissant warm from the oven, with the rose petal jelly I made earlier in the week, and the air still cool, though as I was finishing, the sun was just coming over the mountain.


A yellow-throat is singing just beyond the deck, a black-headed grosbeak farther away.


As I ate the last mouthful of croissant, a single loon called from Sakinaw Lake, a long sad song, and I folded the linen napkin bought 20 years ago at a second-hand store in Hedley.


4 thoughts on “3 sentences about breakfast”

  1. What a treat to share breakfast with you, Theresa. I’m astonished at the gorgeous colour of the jelly and can only imagine the delicate taste. And of course your blue-and-white sets it off beautifully. A tiny corner of conscious loveliness.

  2. Any more pictures of croissants and your rose petal jelly and I will be on the next flight to BC to join you for breakfast!
    When we have harvested and made jam with our black currents perhaps I can lure you here!

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