winter gifts at High Ground

I know Christmas is more than a month away but if you’re thinking about gifts, we can make it simpler for you by offering some of our own books, limited edition chapbooks, and broadsheets printed on our late 19th c. Chandler & Price platen press for sale during the season.

mud bottom

For example, John’s Mud Bottom (details here) is $35. If you buy a set of the Companions Series Broadsheets (also here), a folio of 12 letter press broadsheets including poems by Gillian Wigmore, Russell Thornton, and Maleea Acker written in reponse to other poems printed enface, priced at $150, then we will include a copy of Mud Bottom for free with your order.

winter books

For a selection of our books, including my Euclid’s Orchard, Winter Wren, The Age of Water Lilies, Inishbream, Patrin, A Man in a Distant Field, and Red Laredo Boots, and John’s crawlspace (winner of the 2012 Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize), Forecast (Selected Early Poems: 1970-1990), and This Was the River. the deal is this: buy one at cover price and receive a second book of your choice for 50% off. We’ll happily inscribe the books. Postage will be charged at cost.

If there are other books you’re interested in or you see something on the High Ground page (including chapbooks, individual broadsheets, including Michael Ondaatje’s “Breeze”), please ask us. And if you think that background scarf on which the books recline is as ravishing as I think it is, visit Caroline Jonas’s website. (I recently ordered the scarf as an early Christmas gift from my husband because he won’t be able to shop this year!)

8 thoughts on “winter gifts at High Ground”

  1. Hi Theresa~

    I’m having your blog posts directed to my inbox now so I don’t miss anything. Replying seems to be through a new email address which I trust will find you. (There’s no escaping me apparently. 😉)

    I’d love to order the following four books and hope copies are still available:

    Inishbream Museum of the Multitude Village Mud Bottom crawlspace

    I want these just as a treat for me so there is no Christmas rush involved. Please deal with other time-sensitive orders first. I’ll happily send a cheque your way once I know how much the books and postage will be and who it should be made payable to.

    Who knows how you have the time and energy for this with everything else you’ve got going on but I’m delighted at the chance to buy the books.

    Cheers ~Susan


  2. Hi Theresa, I would love to place an order!! I have 5 items on my list and would like to know the best way to go about doing this. I hope the recovery is going well! You have both been on my mind a lot these last few weeks. Stay strong, stay safe.
    Thanks, Elaine

    1. Elaine, if you email me (theresakishkan at and tell me the books, I can work out the most reasonable way to do it. I’ll put them in the mail and then send an email invoice with the actual amount of postage I paid. You can either send me a cheque or an e-transfer (if I can remember how that works!). The recovery is going quite well. Thanks for asking. There are better days than others but mostly John’s mobility is improving and he is focused on adding new things every day.

  3. And just to respond that bots are constantly scanning for links to click so it’s usual to write one’s email in the way I’ve written it, with the understanding that a correspondent replaces the “at” with @…

  4. […] Last year, confined to the home and land we call High Ground, which is also the name of the small press we operate, printing limited edition broadsheets and the occasional chapbook, I looked around and thought it would be nice to offer up books to potential readers to give as Christmas gifts. This year, with supply chain issues causing delays and shortages in so many areas of commercial life, it seems a good idea to do something similar. Like many writers, I have supplies of many of my books; when I give readings or presentations, people often want to buy the book(s) in question afterwards. Sometimes booksellers on site can provide this service but often I’m on my own. So anyway, I do have boxes of books stored in our print shop, home of our 19th century Chandler&Price platen press, and am happy to make this offer. (And of course this is not to undermine the great work done by independent booksellers. But I can sign these for you wherever you are!) […]

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