when the house is quiet…


…some of us are working on our books. I’m taking advantage of my historian-son to improve the endnote citations for my essay collection. (Having simply kept endnotes of materials used with little notes to self saying, “Fix this later”, I now need to make sure the citations are correct.) A., who is 4, is making a book of all the creatures he has seen on his two-week visit to us. The orca, first a single animal, then a mother and calf, then a pod, was yesterday, in Powell River, when we went for a beach trip. He also saw seals (that page is in progress as I type), otters, a blue heron, starfish, and assorted giant insects at Gibsons Beach, north of Wildwood. Luckily his father found a field guide to seashells at the second book store so the bucket of shells he collected there can be identified with some accuracy because he is a details boy. I am looking forward to the hares, the northern alligator lizard, the tree frog, and oh, particularly the young bobcat that sprang from the woods and ran in front of the car as a group headed down the driveway to the lake.

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