quarantine angels


We went down the Coast on errands this morning, always a little stressful as one walks through the grocery store where the shoppers are masked and gloved. Some meet your eyes. Others keep their heads averted. We bought coffee and pastries at our favourite bakery (called, fittingly, The Bakery) and took them to the waterfront. I went down to the shore to gather a bag of stones because now that it’s rainy and cool, I want to use my time indoors to prepare some cloth for indigo dyeing. I have a length of coarse white linen and in the past, I’ve found that it takes the dye deeply and beautifully. I’ve made several whole-cloth quilts with indigo-dyed linen, small ones, and I think my favourite way to prepare them is to use beach stones tied (or fixed with elastic bands) in either a grid or loose pattern. You tie stones, take the fabric through the dye baths, remove the stones, and instead of simple ovals, you have angels. I’m at the point in this quarantine process that angels are welcome, scattered on deep blue linen.

blue angels




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