think of this…

the book table

…as a Christmas book table, at a craft faire, maybe, when you are looking for gift ideas. You stop, you look at the titles, and you think, Yes, why don’t I give books this year? Here at High Ground, we have some extra copies of some of our books and are offering them for sale, any 3 for $45. (Just the ones pictured; we don’t have many copies of other titles.) Postage will be included for mailing in Canada but elsewhere, we’ll mail them at cost. You can find more information about my titles by visiting my book page. John’s two books are poetry collections: crawlspace was published in 2011 and was the winner of the Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize; and Forecast: Selected Early Poems (1970-1990) was published in 2015. Oh, and if you’re interested, ask me about Patrin. I might have a few copies of that too.

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