Ethel Wilson on Sunday Morning

lac lejeune

Earlier this fall, I had a lovely conversation  with Michael  Enright (of CBC Radio’s Sunday Edition) about Ethel Wilson’s beautiful Swamp Angel. Readers of this blog know that she is one of my foundational writers. She brought a feminine, perhaps even feminist,  attention to the places and stories of British Columbia, and few writers attended to the landscape as lovingly as she did.

Our interview will air this Sunday morning and I hope you’ll listen. When I have a link to it, I’ll post it in my News and Events area.

8 thoughts on “Ethel Wilson on Sunday Morning”

      1. Chris and I just listened – wonderful interview! (and great idea for a book series, too – we’re looking forward to the rest) I can’t believe I’ve never read Ethel Wilson’s books. We’re both anxious to now. Thanks for shining a light on her work, Theresa. Chris and I also both love the premise of your new novella.

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