the day after

at the book prizes

Last night was the B.C. Book Prizes gala. I was glad to be there, glad to be nominated for a prize, though I didn’t “win”. (Here’s the link to the winning titles!) It was lovely to see old friends, meet some new people, and to realize again what a vital literary community we have in this province on the far edge of the country, west of the Rocky Mountains. People put so much effort into the event, from the jurors (and how nice it was to spend a bit of time with Jean Barman, a historian I believe to be a national treasure) to the organizing committee to the librarians, booksellers, and everyone else who gathered to honour the nominated writers.

I want to commend my own publisher, Mona Fertig, at Mother Tongue Publishing. She is so supportive, so enthusiastic, and she runs her business out of an old heritage house near Ganges on Salt Spring Island. She celebrates the unsung artists of our province, the writers who are working in forms not part of the best-seller culture, and she insists on their importance. Not “instead of” but “as well as”. It’s harder to do this work, I know, with financial constraints and reluctance on the part of much of the media to embrace what might not seem popular. Last night Mona was her bounteous generous self and I was glad to be there for the reception and dinner as well as the awards ceremony for the opportunity to share a glass or two of wine and to know that my book, Euclid’s Orchard, was possible because of her encouragement, her faith.

12 thoughts on “the day after”

  1. Theresa, you look beautiful, and your book is beautiful, whether it happened to win this particular prize or not.

  2. T!
    Soooo glad you had fun; it sounds like a wonderful event. And you look gorgeous. Want to hear more about the progress on your Community Halls project. xo

  3. I have to tell you, the other night I went down the rabbit hole of your posts. I forget what started me off, but first thing I knew a good hour had passed. I felt like I’d been having a cup of tea (or a glass of wine) with an old friend. Congratulations on the shortlisting.

  4. Sounds like a lovely evening! Congrats on the nomination. Crossing my fingers that Euclid’s Orchard will make many more shortlists and win some prizes!

    1. It was a sweet event, Chris. And thanks for your good wishes. Happy gardening. Today it’s cutting dandelion leaves, stray kale, chickweed, and bits of this and that, for green pie.

      1. Nice! Not much to garden here yet. Green onions from last year are up, garlic, parsley shoots, but no dandelions yet. The fiddleheads unfurled so quickly that I missed my window of opportunity.

  5. And you too are a treasure, Theresa. Congrats on being short listed, and know you have a loyal following.

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