in the mail


In today’s mail, the most beautiful postcards for Euclid’s Orchard. I’ll be taking them to Word on the Lake later this month. If you’d like me to mail one to you—and who doesn’t like mail?—send me an email with your address! I sent back the edited manuscript today so we’re one step closer. How would that be expressed in mathematical terms? I have no idea.

6 thoughts on “in the mail”

  1. Good morning, Theresa:

    Yes, I would love a postcard in the mail, to:

    Violet Toop

    #492 – 4678D Elk Lake Drive

    Victoria, BC

    V8Z 5M1

    Incidentally, I live in a condo complex in your old neighbourhood, which you described in one of your books and quoted in a recent post. I was fascinated by your description of Royal Oak/Broadmead when you grew up here. I am originally from Vancouver, spent some time in the Cariboo and then 26 years raising a family in Powell River and now live here in Victoria with my husband for the past 5 ½ years. (That’s living here, not my husband, to whom I have been married 35 years.) A lifelong friend of mine lives in Halfmoon Bay.

    I have read several of your books. One of my daughters lives at Pinanten Lake outside Kamloops. Before moving there just a few years ago, she found a copy of your “Leaves of Grass” which I read prior to our first visit to their home. Both my two daughters and I enjoyed that book very much. That led me to your other books and blog, which I have followed quietly, and loved, for the last 2 or 3 years. And I thank you for that pleasure, as I find that we are the same age and have much in common.

    Please keep writing! And I am happy to follow. With much appreciation and warm regards, Violet.

    1. Thank you for this, Violet! Are you in the buildings near the Commonwealth Pool? I used to ride my horse along West Saanich Road to Beaver Lake Road and then through the park, returning along Elk Lake Drive! I’ll put a postcard into today’s mail…

  2. I would love a postcard! I look forward to the book too. I have been a huge fan since reading A Man in a Distant Field and most recently Patrin.
    Thank you for your work. I have been enjoying these posts for awhile and just not commented until now. Perhaps this will break the ice and you shall hear from me more often!

    Elaine Pereira
    840 West 6th Ave.
    Vancouver, BC
    V5Z 1A6

  3. Looks like I’ve missed today’s mail run, but I’d love a postcard, too. Leslie Prpich Box 424 Kitwanga V0J 2A0


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