sea change

There’s been one, a change, the heat here after a long period of rain, and mornings the air is laden with rich coastal air (John’s comment as he came in from the deck an hour ago with the coffee pot which had been left out overnight…). I love the cool hour before the sun rises and the scent of sweet peas fills the morning.

sweet peas.jpg

I multiply on the face of
                                                         the earth, on the
mud—I can see my prints on the sweet bluish mud—where I was just
                                                         standing and reaching to see if
those really were blossoms, I thought perhaps paper
                                                         from wind, & the sadness in
me is that of forced parting, as when I loved a personal
                                                         love, which now seems unthinkable, & I look at 
the gate, how open it is...
                 --Jorie Graham, from "Sea Change"

2 thoughts on “sea change”

  1. Beautiful. And such an abundance of sweet peas – just as I now have here – the wonder that once again they’ve sprouted, slowly grown & then, all at once, burst forth. Enjoy those cool, sweet scented mornings. They sound glorious.

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