found poem, Centre Island

I was looking for something in an old notebook and I saw this page, from June 3, 2008, written during a few days in Toronto:

Centre Island

Overheard — so, do you

want to get a key chain,

or what do you want

to do?

                     — Swan #12,

return to the dock.

Your ride is over.


Horses — Conrad (18 hands), 32 years old

retired from police force.

                     Duchess, 16 hands, also



Pig with enormous testicles.


A perfect place for a murder.

swan boats

2 thoughts on “found poem, Centre Island”

  1. Come to think of it i have, over the years, encountered the odd pig with enormous testticles. To which i invariably muttered “Balls!”

    1. That would be the perfect reply! I write from the Last Chance Saloon in Wayne, Alberta, where we are about to take up residence for the night in the Honeymoon Suite…

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