In today’s mail — a stack of postcards to promote my forthcoming novella, Patrin (Mother Tongue Publishing). They’re beautiful —

postcards— and too nice to keep for myself. If you’d like me to mail you one, just ask! (My contact information is available on my homepage…)


~ by theresakishkan on July 10, 2015.

6 Responses to “postcards”

  1. Beautiful! How exciting. Please send me one if you can. My address is on the Contact page of my website. Another grandchild and a book on the way … thrilling times, Theresa.

  2. Will gladly mail one to you tomorrow, Beth! And, yes, babies, books … sigh. Now if the gods would only send rain.

  3. Never could have imagined someone from the west coast of Canada longing for rain! How the planet is changing. Here – a record-breaking
    cool month of July.

  4. Yes, it feels like the planet has tilted. The Douglas firs on our western bluff are so brown. And lots of bear scats near the lakes — I think all the local creeks are dry.

  5. If you’ve still got one to share, Theresa, I’d love one — I’ve somehow only just now heard that you’ve got this coming out, and I’m very excited. (Mailing address here:


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