bright lights

Last night, a rock concert! Bright lights, fabulous music — the Jim Cuddy Band, Kathleen Edwards…We (almost) danced in the aisles. Seriously, it was wonderful, a free concert at the TD Ottawa Civic Arena sponsored by CUPE 503, I loved hearing Kathleen Edwards sing “Help Me Make It Through the Night” (that old chestnut) so sweetly, with her ex-husband Colin Cripps. Loved Donovan Woods. And this moment, Kathleen singing “Married Again” with Jim Cuddy:


So it’s been a busy few days, Forrest and Manon so welcoming and generous. A breakfast at Rideau Hall on Friday morning where the GG served the eggs, dinner that evening at a new Argentine restaurant where there was an unexpected poetry reading (in Spanish!). A hike in Gatineau Park yesterday afternoon, dim sum, the concert, and take-out tacos (lamb, tongue, beef, pork, all succulent) from El Camino as a midnight snack.

And now it’s snowing. Pancakes are in the works, tiny cups of espresso being brewed, and the world is a lovely place.

3 thoughts on “bright lights”

  1. Did I miss something, Theresa? You had breakfast at Rideau Hall?! I don’t think that’s a normal tourist activity… Are you there for an event or an award or something like that?? I have adored Jim Cuddy for many years, and Kathleen Edwards is wonderful, how great to see them together. I was just at the new Toronto Book Fair where I met Kerry Clare for the first time and we talked about how much we both feel like we know you, though we’ve never met you.

  2. Oh, the breakfast was a charitable one and daughter-in-law and son were going so got us tickets too. Nothing to do with awards, alas (!). It was fun — and a pleasure to see the art, the grounds in daylight (last time we were there it was evening…). And the concert was wonderful!

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