a perfect day

A walk at Schooner Cove this morning, where the ghost of the girl I was shadowed me on the beach —


— followed by lunch at Shelter in Tofino (mussels in Thai coconut broth; fish tacos), and then Long Beach where some swam (not me), and where this shell presented itself:

P1100534Sometimes we can go back. Sometimes a place holds what we loved so beautifully that we feel our hearts ache a little for the past but we know that the hours can be perfect all the same. We can listen to Joni Mitchell’s Blue while Sahand cooks Khoresht gheymeh (lamb stew with lentils and the most delicious smelling potatoes and eggplants alongside) and the view is soft, crows in the trees bickering, and everything is now.

4 thoughts on “a perfect day”

  1. Hello Theresa, Even though I have only once commented on your lovely blog, it certainly does not mean I am not reading each post and with interest . I find so much to relate to in the expression of your thoughts and perceptions ~ really loved today’s entry ~ I feel just the same ~ it can be very bittersweet at times in such places ,which hold so much memory and meaning. It is wonderful though to find too that even with the past a tangible element , the beauty that drew us once upon a time continues to exert the same power in itself. Thank you again for sharing.

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