…bumblebee in the crocus (also the first) but when I returned with the camera, it was gone.

P1090533And when I lifted a tub of daffodils to move them elsewhere, this fellow was crouched underneath.

P1090531He kept me company while I planted shallots and scallions and when I left, just now, he’d changed colour in anticipation of spring.


6 thoughts on “first…”

    1. It is so lovely to feel the soil again. We were in Victoria for the weekend and of course the flowering plum and cherry trees are in bloom. Walking through Fairfield the other day (which John said should be called Memory Lane for the non-stop commentary by moi on childhood events…), we could smell sandalwood, which is how plum-blossom comes to me. Rhododendrons everywhere, hellebores, early bulbs. the grass in Beacon Hill Park a carpet of English daisies.

    1. And to you, too! This morning there’s beautiful pink light and as soon as it warms up a bit, I’m heading out to plant some greens in a bed I call Spring Tonic…

    1. It’s overcast again, Beth, and who knows what we’ll wake to tomorrow. But I loved being out there today, planting lettuce and the field arugula (a lovely wild flavour) and putting manure over the asparagus bed. I always think that I live in paradise until evening and then I sometimes wish for a funky place (like the House on Parliament Street, near you!) to go for dinner when I feel too tired to cook after a day in my garden! Though tonight’s supper — pasta with sauteed garden garlic and kale — was pretty easy and very tasty!

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