waiting in gravel

I’m working on the borders of the salmon quilt now, stitching various sizes of circles in a random pattern around the edges.  I’m thinking of the coho eggs waiting in the gravel of the nearby creeks. They’ll hatch in early spring but the embryos will remain in the loose gravel, consuming their egg sacs, before emerging to live in the shallow areas until they’re big enough to swim into deeper water and defend themselves against any number of predators.

Here is a border in progress:

P1090498I have many akoya buttons in different sizes so I might use them in and around the circles.  And here are the eggs in the gravel:


2 thoughts on “waiting in gravel”

    1. Brenda, the challenge is to try to match (limited) sewing skills to ideas of landscape, biology, botany…I wanted to try to do reeds in the water, aquatic insects, etc. but quietly gave up on those images. I know you paint and your photographs are glorious. I have the need to make physical art but I lack the skills! Still, I love to do this work. I’m in the process of trying to figure out how to get some math conjectures onto quilt blocks. Stay tuned!

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