Mediterranean dreams

It won’t stop raining. Too wet to go out to the garden, too wet (almost) to go for a walk up the mountain. It’s a bread day so the house is filled with the scent of loaves baking. Because I’ve been thinking about the Odyssey lately, specifically the moment when Odysseus returns to his home (in disguise), to see his old dog die on the manure heap, the faithful dog Argos who’d waited twenty years for his master to return, and because I love Telemakhos’s generosity —

Now Telemakhos

took an entire loaf and a double handful

of roast meat; then he said to the forester:

“Give these to the stranger there…” (Book Seventeen, lines 336-40, in Robert Fitzgerald’s fabulous translation)

— I’ve made some pita to have with ground lamb tonight, along with some of these ripe tomatoes, feta cheese, garden arugula in Greek oil, and maybe a glass of retsina which luckily we just happen to have in the fridge.


4 thoughts on “Mediterranean dreams”

  1. Your menu seems a perfect way to invoke a more southern clime (in which I hear the Water Rat, “gazing South with a new-born need stirring in his heart”…) And if I were not stuck in my office today, staring at my computer screen, I would be aiming to catch the 3:50 ferry, with a second bottle of retsina tucked in my duffel… 🙂

  2. Speaking of Kardamyli: did you know that PLF’s home will feature in an upcoming movie? ( ; and that it is to become a writer’s retreat? ( I want you and John to apply so that we can come and visit… 🙂

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