Talking to my son…

…on the phone just now, I looked up — I am at my desk — to see this elk standing on the new cleared area, looking at me.


The photograph is blurry because it’s through glass but you can see the beautiful winter pelage — the yellow rump in particular. And what you can’t see (but they show up on the much blurrier zoomed image) are tiny antler buds. So this is a young bull, in his second year.

And when I went to the back door by the little hot-tub deck, I saw the rest of the herd. They immediately raced into the woods, crashing like, well, the 180-500 kg. animals they are.


2 thoughts on “Talking to my son…”

  1. They’re so beautiful, Brenda, but man, can they do a lot of damage! I’ve just discovered that they’ve been grazing on the new sprouts of garlic, something the local deer never touched….But we’re in the process of re-fencing our vegetable garden (drain field has been repaired so the fence was taken down) and soon they won’t be able to get at it.

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