Stars of the tomato season

Most evenings we have a platter of tomatoes, sliced, with a sprinkling of red wine vinegar and a scattering of torn basil leaves over the top. The tomatoes are at their peak and every day I pick a wonderful selection of them. Here are a few of my favourites:

Clockwise, from upper left: a single Jaune Flamme, a beautiful persimmon-coloured tomato; peeking out is a single Orange Strawberry — these are rich and meaty, shaped like ox-hearts; then a Purple Cherokee, lumpy, with a profile like the late John Diefenbaker; a big yellow one whose name wore off the little tag I’d so carefully labelled in May; three Alicante, which are so prolific and so delicious; and three Black Plums which I like to eat warm off the plants. We have many others — Brandywines, Yellow Pears, Ailsa Craigs, Romas, tiny cherries, larger cherries, and some Orange Zebras.  I grew most of them from seed but bought a few because there are always ones I see in the garden centre which look tempting. On the weekend we had pizza made with the Black Plums and lots of Red Russian garlic I grew from heads bought last October in Grand Forks and basil of course and dappled on the top, the wonderful fresh mozzarella from Natural Pastures on Vancouver Island, made with milk from Fairburn Farms water buffalo. I could happily eat this daily for the rest of my life.


~ by theresakishkan on September 19, 2012.

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