Poignant Mountain

How mysteries are sometimes solved in strange and unexpected ways! When I was a child, my family lived on three different occasions in Matsqui, in the Fraser Valley, when my father was stationed at the radar base there. The housing for personnel and their families was in the shadow of Sumas Mountain and another mountain whose name I heard as Poinet. Mount Poinet. On one occasion my older brothers went on a hike up that mountain and got lost. My father had to go up with a flashlight to find them. I remember picking blueberries in lard tins on the lower slopes and finding an abandoned outhouse with squares of mouse-nibbled newspaper on a nail beside the oval hole which I couldn’t imagine anyone ever actually sitting on.

But the mountain didn’t show up on any map — or at least any that I looked at. And it wasn’t until yesterday, looking online for some information about the radar base for something I’m writing about my father, that I came across this photograph

and the note that it was the home of Albin Poignant, postmaster at Ridgedale. Suddenly I remembered the Ridgedale Store and even this house itself because the row of small houses where we lived is just to the far left of the photograph, on the other side of the farm you can see (which I think belonged to the Sward family).  So it was Poignant Mountain and a creek nearby is Poignant Creek.

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