Mendel’s Peas

I know it’s late in the season to start peas but this is the first chance I’ve had since we arrived home on Tuesday. I bought packages of pea seeds at the Mendel Museum in Brno and have them soaking now, with flats of soil waiting for them once they’re ready to plant. I grow some peas every year and have never really thought much about their iconic place in the study of inherited traits. And now that I’m trying to write about my grandmother, trying to figure out who she was, what I might have inherited from her, it seems right to grow peas from … well, not from Mendel’s gardens which don’t seem to exist any longer (though I gather there’s a plan to rebuilt his glass houses), but from Masaryk University in Brno at least! These peas are all wrinkled.  Will their flowers be white or violet, will their pods be plump or constricted? Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Mendel’s Peas”

  1. Theresa, nice to have you both back…and congrats on your nomination for the Hubert Evan’s Prize for Mnemonic. Fingers, toes, knees, eyes crossed.

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