Sunlight in Brno

This is our last morning in the Czech Republic and fittingly it’s beautiful. Clear blue skies out the window of the Penzion Dvorakova, people walking briskly to work below. We arrived from Prague late afternoon and went to Cafe Maia to have coffee with Zuzka and David. They have bought a little house in a village near here and it was wonderful to hear their plans for gardens and renovations and also to see how Zuzka glows with impending motherhood.  And last night we met Katka and Martina here and walked over to have dinner at Spalicek (imagine little hooks over the “S” and the “c” and the soft sounds resulting from those guides). A very Czech restaurant, it seems to me, with lovely old windows, photographs of the area on the wall (and the area is the Vegetable Market, bounded on one side by the Reduta where Mozart performed at age 11, commemorated by a statue). John ate roast rabbit with red cabbage and many dumplings of various kinds while I had the iconic garlic soup (aromatic broth with cheese, potatoes, crisply fried croutons) and a big tomato salad. Katka and Martina both had the mushroom and potato soup followed by dessert pancakes with fruit. Lots of stories and laughter, then walking back through the quiet cobbled square with the sleeping Mozart (or was he?)above us.

This will be a morning of final things: espresso and some luscious pastry in one of the many cafes; lunch at Falk where the glasses of Veltlinske Zelene are cheaper than coffee and baguettes come stuffed with cheese, pears, fresh basil; taking yet more photographs of the churches and soft yellow buildings. Then to the airport to fly to London for a few days of theatre, the David Hockney show at the Royal Academy, a concert at St. Martin’s in the Field.



~ by theresakishkan on March 7, 2012.

4 Responses to “Sunlight in Brno”

  1. So enoyed all your stories and pictures. I know you’ll be sorry to leave but hope you enjoy good old London town and have a safe and uneventful journey home. With love, Anne and, of course, Geoff.

  2. In London now, Anne, in a tiny attic flat in Bloomsbury (short-term let…). But somehow I feel bereft, having discovered in the CR the amazing emotional sense of being 1/4 Czech. I knew it, of course, but never felt it. I do now. See you soon!

  3. Thank you for your evocative postings! I’ve loved following in your (snowy) footsteps…

    And my congratulations to you both, as finalists — just announced! — for the 2012 BC Book Prizes ( “Mnemonic” a finalist for the Hubert Evans Non-Fiction Prize, and “crawlspace” a finalist for the Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize…

  4. Thanks, Michael! It makes home seem closer somehow, to think of Hubert Evans (and Dorothy Livesay) and the upcoming Book Prizes Gala!

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