Moravia, Bohemia

It’s a clear frosty morning in Velky Osek where we are visiting Katka and Tom for a few days. Beyond the trees below the field I can see from the window, the Elbe River flows with its cargo of ducks. We walked there yesterday, through an oak wood where I found this bouquet:

Katka has been feeding us with sublime meals — chicken lasagne, potato soup, buckwheat pancakes with her mother’s apricot jam — and last night Tom showed us Mars and Jupiter in the starry sky where we’d walked earlier under the watchful eye of Orion.

In Roznov, before we came to Velky Osek, Petr and Lenka took us to an outdoor museum of traditional wooden Wallachian buildings. What amazed me was the size of the timbers used for their construction, like the beam across our patio, and the smell of the church was exactly the same as St. Stephens on the Saanich peninsula. Home calls to us in such unexpected ways.

1 thought on “Moravia, Bohemia”

  1. This is all so wonderfully vivid and fascinating, Theresa — the visit to your grandmother’s home…the account of your readings, meals, friends. Thank you! (From the still frozen but sunny and pale pastel Okanagan.) Love, Barbara and Douglas.

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