“Do you have a book called Mnemonic?”

We’re in Courtenay to see family members and to walk the Puntledge River trail. Tomorrow we read at Coho Books in Campbell River and then we’ll take the ferry home.  Today we were in the Laughing Oyster Books to get tickets for a play tonight and I heard a woman say to the bookstore clerk, “Do you have a book called Mnemonic? I’ve got the spelling here…” and she opened her notebook, spelling the title aloud. I watched as the clerk found my book on the shelf and handed it to the customer. “I wrote that,” I said, proudly. A lovely moment! Of course the customer asked to have her copy signed and then another woman working in the store brought out a copy she’d put aside for a sister-in-law who makes baskets (there’s a section of basket-making in “Pinus ponderosa: A Serious Waltz”) and I signed that one too!


~ by theresakishkan on November 25, 2011.

2 Responses to ““Do you have a book called Mnemonic?””

  1. It must be so lovely to have someone randomly buying your book in front of you, not knowing you’re there! And such a great book, Theresa, so lovely.

  2. It was magic!
    Thanks, Richard!

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