Signs of fall

October 29, 2011

By mistake, I typed “sings of fall” and quickly corrected it. But I wonder. The air does sing of fall in some ways. A few weeks ago, I woke in the night and heard geese – the far-away song of the great migration. When we’re outside this time of year, we see those very high skeins heading south but usually we hear them first, searching the sky for the faint and far scribble of their passing. To hear them in the night was magic.

If you listen, you can hear leaves falling. Or at least you hear them as they touch the earth, the small rustle. Because the ratio of light to darkness is the same as spring, we also hear tree frogs these days. The splash of chum salmon in Anderson Creek as they idle, defend their position, then prepare for their next push at current and riffle.

Coyotes – again, in the night. And quite near. The autumnal notes of Bach’s cello suites, played by Pablo Casals. The crack, as John brings the maul down on a thick chunk of alder or maple.

There’s a squirrel climbing the wisteria vine over and over again – I’m watching him this very minute – to knock the long elegant red hips off a climbing rose and climb back down to take them into the bush. I realize that the tiny thump that I’ve been hearing is the hip as it falls to the deck.


Back from a walk with fall bounty gathered not in a basket but in John’s tuque. We’ve been picking chanterelles since early September and I thought they were probably finished for the year. But then I saw the tell-tale yolk-yellow gleam in the moss…


~ by theresakishkan on October 29, 2011.

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