evening lines, morning lines

sunset wisteria


I was reading Patricia Bovey’s Western Voices in Canadian Art, three pillows stacked behind me, the heavy book resting on my breastbone, when I realized I couldn’t concentrate on printmaking in Winnipeg for the scent of wisteria and lilac coming in the window behind my bed. Behind my bed, the open window, a single tree frog chirping, the sunset pink gold on the western edge of the world. I walked out into it, the scent, the tangle embracing my house, my life, the tree frog silent, the sky smouldering. I brushed away the long canes of dog rose as I leaned into the evening.

morning wisteria

2. Coming back from the compost boxes, bare feet, nightdress, I stood under the wisteria on the patio’s beam, brushing a few mosquitoes from my bare shoulders.

front door


Coming up the steps to the front door, shells turning in a light breeze, the mesh I pinned up for sweetpeas in pots behind the bench catching the shadow of the Rosa ‘Félicité Perpétue’, a rambler, a gambler, a glossy-leaved 2 year old newly at home in a dragon pot and loaded with buds. For years a ‘New Dawn’ clambered across the wall, grown from a cutting brought home from Victoria, heavy with roses, but it has grown old, grown smaller, is fading away.

4 thoughts on “evening lines, morning lines”

  1. Your wisteria! Gorgeous. Mine is sending out a few tentative shoots. No heat and wildfires here – it was 2 degrees last night. No bears, either. Skunk and coyotes, however, thriving.

  2. How lovely to open your page and see images of the edges of your beautiful home. The flowers are stunning. We are making do with buffalo beans along the gravel road and dandelions everywhere they can find a roothold. But there is glorious fresh green and returning songbirds so much to enjoy. Hope your trip away goes well.

    1. Susan, I don’t think there’s a more beautiful yellow than dandelions! We had green pie this week with their greens (and a lot of others, wild and cultivated)–spring tonic. It’s been so hot here that I don’t think there will be much wisteria left when we come home early next week. And the yellow daylilies are about to open. I hope they wait…

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