second morning

little house

This morning, coffee on the terrace, wondering what it would like to live in the little house on the hill, I see birds in the palms, unfamiliar ones, but as colourful as the bougainvillea blooming everywhere, the thorny succulents with brilliant flowers. I see hooded orioles and blue grosbeaks, doves and sparrows, a Harris’s hawk (I think) gliding along the side of the hill. I was wondering who nests in the cardón cactii (little round holes in the trunks) all around us and just read that the holes are made by gila woodpeckers and gilded flickers who nest, then clean out the holes after; then elf owls and finches follow. Yesterday I had one successful ride to shore on my boogie board (after many attempts), just before sunset, and we came back to steak grilled over mesquite charcoal, Long walk on the sand, a morning swim in the pool just beside Peter and Sharon’s home, little geckos coming out at night, and pinch me, it’s January.

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