when the map arrived…


…in an envelope from the Canada Piracy Office, along with a letter informing the boys that a map of their grandparents’ property had been found, they raced outside. The map showed an X at Lizard Rock and sure enough there was a scroll there, tied with old twine (dating from pirate days), and it led them to other scrolls in other places,


and finally to something that floats. The boat, one of them shouted, and yes, there was a wooden treasure box. Inside?


Valuable chocolate coins, the best kind of treasure.

6 thoughts on “when the map arrived…”

  1. What a delight! Didn’t those boys make a clever choice of grandparents? I expect next they will produce one of their own for you to solve.

  2. How wonderful! Susan’s right – what thoughtful grandparents you are. I remember once we were having a beach vacation when the kids were little; my then-husband buried some treasure in the sand and then told the kids he thought he might have found something. The digging! The excitement. Your boys are beautiful.

    1. Isn’t it lovely how memorable these things are? When oldest son was in kindergarten, his dad picked up the kids coming to his birthday party after morning class and showed them a letter that had arrived at the post office. A treasure map! So there was that, followed by a bonfire and hotdogs. No need for anything else. I remember every moment.

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