I wished


Last night, walking back from dinner, back across the parking lot of the Sandman Inn, the night before a journey eastward, looking up to a waxing crescent moon, as clear and lovely as a minaret on a mosque, Venus bright as she’s ever been.

And fine birds brought you,
Quick sparrows over the black earth
Whipping their wings down the sky
Through midair–

I wished, for all of us grounded on this planet we have not loved enough.

And what I want to happen most of all
In my crazy heart.

(The passages of Sappho, Fragment 1, “Ode to Aphrodite”, are translated by Anne Carson)

3 thoughts on “I wished”

  1. Thank you so much for these wishes which we all share but seldom express . . and never as fluently. Safe travels. (Oh and when the holiday is over I will pester you to help me get back on the email notification list for new blog posts. Clicking the box below doesn’t seem to work anymore unfortunately.)

    1. Yikes, Susan, let’s hope I can help with the notification list. I’m away from home just now, a few days in Edmonton (where the sidewalks are like proverbial ice-rinks. Thank goodness for those spikey things you put on your boots), but when I get home I’ll try to figure it out. The WordPress tech people are often very helpful so I can ask them if needed. Stay warm and careful on ice!

  2. I apologize for putting you to extra trouble but I hate to miss a post. Everything in our part of the prairies is similarly ice-covered and treacherous. Stay on your pins!

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