a mathematician packs the car


They’re gone, down the driveway for an early ferry, dust rising from the tires. And so much stuff! Last night and first thing this morning Brendan packed the car. They camped on the way here and they’ll camp on their way home to Alberta after a week in Victoria with Cristen’s parents. So the tent, the sleeping bags and mats, the cooking stuff, the duffels of clothing and diapers and towels. I repaired the first quilt I ever made, more than 30 years ago, because Brendan always said he wanted it one day, and that’s in a bag somewhere in the rental car. Toys. Books. The craft package Aunty Angie assembled for Kelly’s birthday. The treasure chest found under the old dog house, filled with wooden snakes and gold coins. A big bag of cheddar goldfish because it’s a long drive from Comox to Victoria. Little boxes of raisins. Blueberries.

When they drove away, you couldn’t see into the car for all the bags and Brown Bear and Henry’s tiny skateboard, found in the sand at Ruby Lake yesterday and perfect for one of the little men who came with the Fisher-Price schoolbus. But we waved and watched and listened until we heard the car pull onto the highway far below.

And now I have to do the watering alone.

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