late gold

I’ve been sick all week with a bug caught on the plane from Newfoundland to Vancouver and all my plans to get the garden ready for winter went up in smoke. Yesterday was the first day I had enough energy to spend a few hours outdoors and some of that time was wasted in simply walking around, wondering how I would ever get things done. (And wondering how on earth the garden had managed to produce so much kale…)

But this is the (Canadian) Thanksgiving weekend and today I transplanted some volunteer Chinese mustard seedlings, watered the salad greens I’d planted in the cold frames yesterday, and I had the pleasure of picking lemons. These are Meyer lemons, which are believed to be a cross between lemons and either mandarin or common oranges, from a shrubby little tree I bought about 25 years ago. It doesn’t look like much and it gets every disease there is — sooty mildew, scale… I just repotted it before pruning it and giving it a final spray of Safers fungicide and horticultural oil, Tomrrow we’ll lug it into the sunroom for the winter. But in the meantime, a bowl of lemons, the last gold of the season. And their flavour is truly delicious. If I have time, I might make lemon curd to carry the flavour into winter.



~ by theresakishkan on October 12, 2013.

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