One of the nicest bird moments of the spring is realizing that the churring I’m hearing is one or more sapsuckers around the house. There have been two this past week and what I love best about them is the sense I have of their amiable adjacency — they work away at their chosen trees and don’t seem to mind us being around them. In fact they seek out trees close to the house. For years it was a mountain ash which eventually died from their attentions but then grew back from its roots.  Anyway, see how this one is looking right at me while I take its portrait? It was only about six feet away from me.

And here’s the same bird back at work while I watched and snapped.

When there are two of them in this tree, they talk back and forth, but not aggressively, not territorially — or at least I don’t hear that in their soft conversation.


~ by theresakishkan on June 9, 2012.

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