a bathtub pond (for Zuzka)

My friend Zuzka asked me to send her a photograph of the bathtub I use as a small garden pond. She and David have bought a house near Brno and after their baby is born later this spring, she hopes to make gardens on a terraced slope. She has an extra bathtub, she says, and wanted to see how I’d used mine. (Mine came from Liz who received in turn from her friend David who was a great gardener and who used it for compost. He died and she thought it was fitting to have us put to some sort of use in our garden.)

This is not a fancy water feature you might find in a grand garden. But I think it has its own charm. You can see the marsh marigold coming into bloom and the pot of bamboo in front of the tub. The water stays fresh because we live in a rainy climate. And the tree frogs often find the water, laying their eggs against the reeds. Last year long-toed salamanders laid eggs in the tub and because their young didn’t quite make it to the adult stage over the summer, I know they’re still in there. I saw some in the fall, large tadpoles with frilly gills. And the last few nights the tree frogs have been singing loudly so I hope they’re finding each other and making the next generation!

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