Awake early…

…to more snow on the streets of Brno, everything soft and white. I’ve been thinking about this morning’s class, my last (and John’s is in the afternoon), where I hope the texts I’ve chosen will somehow sum up our week. We’ve talked about place, as in the west coast of British Columbia, and various strands of weather, history, understanding, and dislocation (in some cases). So I thought we’d end with two pieces — Terry Glavin’s essay, “Oolichans”, from This Ragged Place, and the final chapter of Judith Williams’ Two Wolves at the Dawn of Time, which speaks so beautifully of the different legacies of those who have lived at Kingcome Inlet. The students have been just wonderful and I’ll miss them. Yesterday we treated them to a taste of our coast, putting out plates of smoked sockeye salmon, candied pink salmon, salmon and cream cheese pate, and salal jelly, with bread and apples from Brno, I love the questions they ask, their curiosity, their courage in spending a week with writers from the other side of their world, reading work that must seem foreign and maybe even hermetic at times.


~ by theresakishkan on February 17, 2012.

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