Dragon and church

On our way to dinner tonight, through new snow, I saw this view of the baroque St. Thomas:

And although it was snowing outside, we were nicely warm in the Moravian wine cellars where we ate beef with cream and paprika, chicken prepared with tomatoes and fresh basil, accompanied by a bright Frankova wine:

And then, replete, we walked back under the dragon again:


~ by theresakishkan on February 15, 2012.

4 Responses to “Dragon and church”

  1. Hello! I just caught up with you on your travels – really enjoyed your posts! Love the pictures, especially the one of St Thomas in the snow. Lovely. Looking forward to the next posts.

  2. It’s a beautiful city, Sharon! I keep pinching myself, esp. last night as we went to dinner after a reading, and entered a small dark-wood panelled restaurant with our hosts, our waiting table lit by golden lamps…

  3. It is such a great thing (and weird too) to see Brno through your eyes, Theresa. I pass St. Thomas` Church almost daily and it almost began to disappear in my eyes after those years 🙂 Enjoy Brno! And have you been to Stredoveka Krcma yet? It is a Middle-Age Restaurant on Ceska Street, and it is very nice there, the waiters are dressed in historical costumes, and everything looks like from 16th or 17th century. I recommend it 🙂

  4. Thanks for the suggestion, re: Stredoveka Krcma, Kate! We’ll have a day or two in Brno in early March so perhaps we’ll be able to try it then. I have a few favourite restaurants here. And the cafes are lovely, esp Maia and Falk.

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